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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 10:55

TV bridge streming

     The simplest way – using a Skype we studied, tested and finally buried. The main problems of Skype are the inability to adjust the video quality manually and its "too clever" encoding algorithm, which can independently start degrading the image quality if suddenly decide that it lacks the width of the online channel. Also to start in the picture with Skype SDI-output switcher is a separate witchcraft, which not every magician can do...
       To organize broadcasts with direct switching from other cities, it is applied a solution with a use of video conferencing systems and studio equipment and / or using its own Wowza server. In this case it is possible to avoid the main drawback - the time delay (in the case of social SDN application server).
Videoconferencing systems make the minimum time delay, since they do not require any additional procedures for transcoding the streams. They work with other protocols which allow transmitting a live picture of narrowband channels.


This scheme shows the main and auxiliary studios.


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