Event broadcasting on YouTube or Ustream

       To make seen your event by live, you don’t need to be a TV professional and to have a studio operator, illuminator, sound maker and film director. Now, not only they, but any user can make a direct broadcasting of the event. To do this, it will be enough to have a smart phone or a computer. Quality, of course, will be lower than the television one, but the social network users will forgive you, if a broadcasting is timely and interesting. So if you want, we are more than willing to help you.
       Event live broadcasting in Kazakhstan took place several times - often during the media event, switching from the CEC for example during the presidential elections in 2010, parliamentary elections with the counting of votes in 2011 and in the court process during Zhanaozen events. It can be noticed that event streaming is not so popular among the kaznet majority yet. To use these services, a good internet speed is needed evidently. Concerning this, it is not always and not everywhere in Kazakhstan possible to manage event broadcasting.

Ustream and Qik are similar in functionality, diversity of functions and easiness in the creation of direct switching. Both have a mobile application, which you can download to your smart phone or tablet.

        Videos on YouTube and Ustream you can broadcast in live. Or you can just record it and watch later. Video can be put on any resource, as Youtube, for example. And you can notify your friends in social networks automatically about the beginning of recording. Both in Ustream and Qik you can synchronize accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This option makes possible to communicate with social networks users directly during the online broadcasting.

 LiveShell application for broadcasting on website.

Live sell 2


• Unlimited number of users
• Posting links on your site will not accuse a system failure.
• Video recording
• Analytics tools ready for application
• Broadcasting can be held in parallel at the broadcast-site service which has a great audience
• Low investment.

Extra-charge: to such services as YouTube, video broadcasting – is a secondary task. Primary is getting a profit. Therefore, whenever it is possible, they will put "sand in the wheels": if you want HD qualities - pay, no advertising during the broadcasting - pay more. The ability to add broadcasting on your website and to customize the player often also requires an extra payment.
Another disadvantage is the delay between the actual happening and displayed one on the internet

      Considering the list of low-cost broadcast services, the best is Ustream.tv. Even offering a free service package, it offers you such wonderful qualities as the absence of artificial restrictions on the size of the video. Can you broadcast your video, depends on the bit rate and codec. The maximum bit rate, which took me to the service in 2013 was 2,5Mbit / s codec VP6 (6Mbit / s in 2011). And for the service it is not important, what size of the video is. 1x1 and 1920x1080 broadcasting goes without any problems.
Also they have no limitation to insert video broadcasting to other resources and support an external video source.