IPTV network for Hotels

IPTV technology is a technological breakthrough in broadcasting. In addition to the traditional direct online broadcasting we should put in the list of classic IPTV services also "Video on Demand", "Display EPG", and others.

IPTV services in addition to the telephone and the Internet services by communication providers, greatly increasing their level of competitiveness in the telecommunications market. Broadcasters can significantly expand the area of coverage and get the full statistics for its advertisers through the usage of this technology. And if we talk about the role of IPTV and OTT in distance learning, it is the only possible technological solution (excluding mailing list) at the moment.
We offer the equipment for broadcasting IPTV, STB set-top boxes and software for services. Our experts will help you to choose the necessary equipment to optimize your business plan.


Ready solution for 500 subscribers in a single device.

Netup IPTV Combine 4x - is a universal solution for cable TV - broadcasting in IP-based network (IPTV). Through the usage of advanced development, Combine 4x allows to provide in the  most efficient and cost-effective way digital television services in the network, c with the number of subscribers up to 500. This solution is the best for business centers and local home networks due to the ease integration into the existing infrastructure.

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