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Easy High Quality Broadcasting USTREAM
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TV-102 - Standart TV Box 
Optionally WiFi, DVB-T / T2

Connect - winner of the exhibition AWARDS 2013
Compact series

Network Dune HD TV-303D
with support 3D

English Club TV started broadcasting in January 2013 and now has more than 15 million TV viewers in Europe, Asia and Africa. English Club TV is an enthralling channel for those who want to learn English.

May 14-15 in Almaty took place the 4th exhibition “Actual technologies of 2015”. Within the exhibition more than 50 companies, occupied in TV and radio production, presented its products.

From 14 to 16 of May in the exhibition centre KORME took place the First International Exhibition "WORLDDIDAC ASTANA 2012", organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International association WORLDDIDAC.

     The simplest way – using a Skype we studied, tested and finally buried. The main problems of Skype are the inability to adjust the video quality manually and its "too clever" encoding algorithm, which can independently start degrading the image quality if suddenly decide that it lacks the width of the online channel. Also to start in the picture with Skype SDI-output switcher is a separate witchcraft, which not every magician can do...
       To organize broadcasts with direct switching from other cities, it is applied a solution with a use of video conferencing systems and studio equipment and / or using its own Wowza server. In this case it is possible to avoid the main drawback - the time delay (in the case of social SDN application server).
Videoconferencing systems make the minimum time delay, since they do not require any additional procedures for transcoding the streams. They work with other protocols which allow transmitting a live picture of narrowband channels.


This scheme shows the main and auxiliary studios.


       To make seen your event by live, you don’t need to be a TV professional and to have a studio operator, illuminator, sound maker and film director. Now, not only they, but any user can make a direct broadcasting of the event. To do this, it will be enough to have a smart phone or a computer. Quality, of course, will be lower than the television one, but the social network users will forgive you, if a broadcasting is timely and interesting. So if you want, we are more than willing to help you.
       Event live broadcasting in Kazakhstan took place several times - often during the media event, switching from the CEC for example during the presidential elections in 2010, parliamentary elections with the counting of votes in 2011 and in the court process during Zhanaozen events. It can be noticed that event streaming is not so popular among the kaznet majority yet. To use these services, a good internet speed is needed evidently. Concerning this, it is not always and not everywhere in Kazakhstan possible to manage event broadcasting.

Ustream and Qik are similar in functionality, diversity of functions and easiness in the creation of direct switching. Both have a mobile application, which you can download to your smart phone or tablet.

        Videos on YouTube and Ustream you can broadcast in live. Or you can just record it and watch later. Video can be put on any resource, as Youtube, for example. And you can notify your friends in social networks automatically about the beginning of recording. Both in Ustream and Qik you can synchronize accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This option makes possible to communicate with social networks users directly during the online broadcasting.

 LiveShell application for broadcasting on website.

Live sell 2


• Unlimited number of users
• Posting links on your site will not accuse a system failure.
• Video recording
• Analytics tools ready for application
• Broadcasting can be held in parallel at the broadcast-site service which has a great audience
• Low investment.

Extra-charge: to such services as YouTube, video broadcasting – is a secondary task. Primary is getting a profit. Therefore, whenever it is possible, they will put "sand in the wheels": if you want HD qualities - pay, no advertising during the broadcasting - pay more. The ability to add broadcasting on your website and to customize the player often also requires an extra payment.
Another disadvantage is the delay between the actual happening and displayed one on the internet

      Considering the list of low-cost broadcast services, the best is Even offering a free service package, it offers you such wonderful qualities as the absence of artificial restrictions on the size of the video. Can you broadcast your video, depends on the bit rate and codec. The maximum bit rate, which took me to the service in 2013 was 2,5Mbit / s codec VP6 (6Mbit / s in 2011). And for the service it is not important, what size of the video is. 1x1 and 1920x1080 broadcasting goes without any problems.
Also they have no limitation to insert video broadcasting to other resources and support an external video source.

The use of multimedia in teaching is a great opportunity to illustrate the complex natural phenomena and processes, allows you to apply with the dynamic objects, animations, video and sound. The use of information technology makes the learning process more interesting and productive, unlike conventional methods, because everything happens in an interactive environment, increasing the motivation of students and the level of mastery of the material.


Interactive boards and projectors, document cameras, electronic podiums, videoconferencing systems and audio communication systems, video and audio records, electronic pointer, the voting system is a not a complete list of tools to seize the quality of education. The use of these tools in a business presentation is one of the modern methods to promote products and services. All what you need is here. And of course you can always use the qualified consutation from our specialists.

i pro samp2



Video conferencing is the best solution for business. It is ideal for remote guidance, trainings and seminars.

rp group 500

Why you should use video conferencing?

Video conferencing is definitely the way to forward for businesses; allowing you to reduce travel expenses, save time, increase productivity, collaboration and communication. To be more competitive in an ever changing global business environment, there are some things you should know about what AVer video conferencing can do for you and your company. Continue reading below to find out how AVer video conferencing can benefit you and your business. Cut down on costs:
If meeting with partners abroad are essential for your business, you can definitely cut all money and time costs regarding your travelling by holding a meeting in your own office using a lag free HD video conferencing system such as AVer's award-winning EVC Series. Video conferencing not only helps to cut on the obvious travel expenses but also other ‘undetectable’ costs such as, administration and many other costs.
Time is money: The quicker you achieve those goals in meetings, the quicker you can start pursuing other goals and targets, quickly expanding your business potential. Allow video conferencing to play an important part in your business today and improve your company's competitiveness by resolving urgent problems without delay.
Efficient communication: Communication isn't just speaking. So much meaning and attitude is lost by not being able to see the person you are communicating with effectively. Video conferencing improves communication efficiency by effectively establishing face-to-face communication through high resolution video quality, sensitive audio detection, and real-time video and audio delivery, helping to build up trust and reduce confusion during those important meetings.


Calamus infrastruktur Highres

The use of videoconferencing in healthcare

Use of videoconferencing in health care allows the patient to consult a doctor without leaving home, using mobile application EZMeetup, which is a great addition to the series of video conferencing systems EVC. Consultation time is assigned in advance, the patient is given an electronic key to activate the software EZMeetup, which will later be withdrawn. As you can see, verything is very easy.  Setting EZMeetup passes in a few clicks. Thus it is possible to check the x-ray film and discuss the treatment of the patient.


cicu telemed


AVer video conferencing can be summed up in one simple phrase… more for your money! Effortless video conferencing at an incredibly affordable price is what AVer promises for all of its video conferencing solutions and that is exactly what users have come to expect. All AVer VC systems use the H.323 and SIP protocols so users can rest assured that their AVer VC system is compatible with all major VC brands. Moreover, the new product line Conference Camera provides cloud- and software based video conferencing users more professional tools to grab business opportunities anytime and anywhere. With a number of one-of-a-kind features, industry-leading warranty periods and smooth full HD imaging, AVer turns the dream of high-quality, budget-friendly video conferencing into reality for all-sized businesses and many more.

The rise of OTT services across the globe is vident. From 925 million users to a more precise figure of 2.1 billion users,  and so on by 2017 we can expect the grow according to the forecast. According to the recent reports, a fifth part of OTT operators admit that more than half of their entire subscriber-base will use OTT services by the end of the year.


To OTT offerings, TV and audiovisual service providers need to avail themselves of equipment that offers satellite transmission, pre-recorded programming, and live broadcasting functions. The choice may be clear, however, providers still need simple space-saving encoding tools that  can be easily to installed and operate, while enabling the delivery of high definition video content. A reliable cloud storage platform accessible at any time is just as important a key function to maintain the reliance of the OTT model.

The Solution
AVerMedia RS series offers encoding and streaming solutions for OTT services so that you can encode and transmit HDMI, Composite, Component, and HD SDI/SD SDI/ASI video inputs to a cloud platform. These inputs can be derived from different sources, including satellite signals received by an integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), live broadcasts, pre-recorded videos on an HD Media Player, or analog/DVB-T TV channels transmitted via antenna. Content can be viewed on any device with Internet access, such as smart TVs, notebooks, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Encoding Server (RS series) products can be used with any equipment that supports multiple signal formats and video sources, saving you costs for purchasing new equipment.


Benefiting service providers, the Encoding Server solutions fit easily and reduce OTT-related costs by eliminating the need to purchase high-costed equipment. Low, mid and high level encoding solutions are available to support single and multistream signals and the use of 1/4/8/12/20 channels. The Encoding Server solution also removes the need for additional transmission media by allowing service providers to directly store content in the cloud.

TV and audio visual service providers incorporating the AVerMedia Encoding Server into their platform environment can expect the simple space-saving encoding tools which will enable the high-definition video delivery of their OTT offerings without the high cost and difficulties associated with the cost of ownership from multiple encoders.


IPTV technology is a technological breakthrough in broadcasting. In addition to the traditional direct online broadcasting we should put in the list of classic IPTV services also "Video on Demand", "Display EPG", and others.

IPTV services in addition to the telephone and the Internet services by communication providers, greatly increasing their level of competitiveness in the telecommunications market. Broadcasters can significantly expand the area of coverage and get the full statistics for its advertisers through the usage of this technology. And if we talk about the role of IPTV and OTT in distance learning, it is the only possible technological solution (excluding mailing list) at the moment.
We offer the equipment for broadcasting IPTV, STB set-top boxes and software for services. Our experts will help you to choose the necessary equipment to optimize your business plan.


Ready solution for 500 subscribers in a single device.

Netup IPTV Combine 4x - is a universal solution for cable TV - broadcasting in IP-based network (IPTV). Through the usage of advanced development, Combine 4x allows to provide in the  most efficient and cost-effective way digital television services in the network, c with the number of subscribers up to 500. This solution is the best for business centers and local home networks due to the ease integration into the existing infrastructure.

catv cripton

  LTD “Diapazon XXI centrury” was founded in 2004 on the base of representative office of the italian company “Elettronika Srl” and “Diapazon” company. Since its foundation our company has been supplying transmitting equipment for TV and radio broadcasting companies within Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Nowadays more than 300 transmitters are functioning on the largest broadcasting stations of JSC “Kazteleradio” as well as many equipment is exploited by the following customers: “Europa + Kazakhstan”, “Russian radio - Asia”, “Radio NS”, “Autoradio”. TV channels: “Southern capital”, “31 channel”, “Rika TV”, “Sayram akshamy”. And also: “Radio rifma”, “Radio Terra”, “Radio Seta”, “Bayuakov TVC-6”, “Southern Kazakhstan TRC”, “Auto radio”; NBT – in Kyrgyzstan and “Asia plus” – in Tajikistan. Company specialists made step-by-step refitting of radio and TV studio complexes of TRC “Kazakhstan”. During the project implementation also broadcasting and assembling TV laboratories were refitted.
  We supplied new technologies for out-of-studio filming using the equipment in portable cases.
Helped to launch the first digital broadcasting net of DVB-T standard in Temirtau and Karaganda. The project provided each televiewer with more than 40 TV programs of digital quality without a cable wiring.
R radio black
VCS black

But the real technological breakthrough has been an implementation of digital methods of audio and video signals processing and transmission. Apart from the traditional broadcasting we created an opportunity to make services using the digital channels of the global net (internet). With our help you can use IPTV/OTT services and implement the systems of audio and video conference connection and necessary software on your enterprise or studying establishment.  Complex approach in the way to satisfy our customers, collaboration with foreign partners and an essential experience accumulated during the reasonable amount of time, let us realize the system integration and supplement of any professional TV or sound equipment. We also provide the effective methods and equipment for remote studying and interactive presentations. Our company is a partner of “AverMedia” brand, specialized in a production of presentational multimedia equipment, like: TV-tuners, surveillance systems, IP cameras, digital converters and capture cards. AverMedia devices are needed for video and photo digitalizing before editing, streaming or videos making.  
   Capture cards are required for creators of video reviewing, publicists and teachers. Every user can easily record and comment his actions going on PC, smart phone and tablet displays.  The particular attention is paying to the technologies of language learning. Our partner – the southern-korean company YUSUNG C&C produces wireless lingaphone laboratories. Lingaphones are used for the effective teaching in groups from 6 students. The Labear system makes students to form a good phonetics skill and a right pronunciation due to the high quality of voice transmission.

   If you need switching devices, converters, splitters, analog-to-digital converters, be kindly welcomed to our company.  Our suppliers are Taiwanese producers - LenKeng и DuneHD. Our company put the maximum effort to supply the safest products, protected by the patents of the most important technologies in video processing.  Our specialists will help you to choose needed equipment, optimizing the supplement to your business plan. We realize the system integration of different equipment types and models, adjusting the supplement terms to the customer’s budget. Also we support you with warranty and non-warranty aftermarket services. iternet black
mediaplyer black2   In our head office you can use the services of our studio equipped with the “latest technology” digital cameras of high resolution which enable to record a presentation with “live” explanation. To record your event out of studio (if an event takes place in a city square or a stadium for example), we can provide you with “live” broadcasting for thousands of users in social network.
    For the customers who prefer a comfortable watching, we offer compact media players. Media players are the internet consoles presented by the brand - DUNE-HD. Media players are the best solution for TV watching fans, provided by a huge range of multimedia services.
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