SE510 AVerCaster Lite

Portable Live Streaming Solution

The AVerCaster Lite SE510 features incredible video capturing and live streaming. The AVerCaster Lite SE510 supports various connectivity options to deliver the stream of the highest video quality. Additional flexibility is designed for the streaming of video through wired or wireless connectivity. Cost effective, highly compatible, and highly scalable, the AVerCaster Lite SE510 is the optimal solution for portable video broadcasting and streaming.
Wide Streaming Flexibility Increase the delivery variety of video streaming through wired or wireless networking. The AVerCaster Lite SE510 makes it easy to delivery high quality video content to a content delivery network (CDN) such as USTREAM, WOWZA or a personal CDN. Adding to the streaming flexibility is the support for applications and web based content management systems for remote administration and stream to tablets, notebooks or other mobile devices.

Single button streaming design

  • Wired and wireless network connectivity   
  • Mobile Management APP
  • Real-time previewing with CVBS and HDMI pass-through   
  • AVerMedia Content Management System (CMS) Compatible

Analog Connections

Analog video and audio are easily supported using RCA connectors for all types of equipment. Full compatibility is obtained for analog component video in NTSC or PAL.

Stunning Full HD Connectivity

The AVerCaster Lite SE510 is superbly designed for HD video and audio quality requirements. Full HD quality is easily captured from any digital device, including: gaming consoles, computer systems, DVD players, and digital camcorders.
Single Button Streaming

Fully connected and powered on, the AVerCaster Lite SE510 is as simple to use as it is lightweight and small in form. The press of a single button applies all the necessary steps to start and stop media streaming. The 1-click function easily creates a valuable asset for venues in need of task shifting and fast streaming deployment.

Mobile Management APP

Take full control of your live broadcasting workflow. From coding parameters and streaming settings to the network setup for content delivery networks, such as UStream, AVerMedia's NexStream APP lets you manage and control your AVerCaster SE510 with a single swipe. Available now at Google Play for all your Android devices or App Store for your iPad.


Input Signals     HDMI
Composite(CVBS) with RCA L/R audio
Input Video Format     Auto-detected
CVBS: 480i, 576i
HDMI: 480p, 576p, 720p24/25/50/60, 1080i50/60, 1080p24/25/30
Input Audio Format     Analog from RCA
HDMI embedded: 16/20/24 bit LPCM 32/44.1/48K sample rate
Encoded Video Format     H.264 High/Main/Baseline profile     
Resolution 320 x 240 to 1920 x 1080
Bit rate 500Kbps~8Mbps
Encoded Audio Format     AAC-LC mono/stereo
Bit rate 64~512Kbps
Streaming protocols     RTMP publish
HLS push & pull mode
UDP Multicast
Streaming Processing     Stream Stabilizer: reduce frame rate to adjust to network congestion
Playback Delay: increase delay to RTMP streaming
Temporary frame: freeze video if input signal is lost
Encode and streaming AAC audio only (without video)
Ethernet     RJ45 port supporting 10/100Mbps links
Static/DHCP/Auto IP assignment
WIFI     802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4G/5G
Access point and client mode simultaneously
Administration     1. Web UI supporting IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome browser
2. Finder APP supporting iPad, Android Pad, Windows, Mac OS
3. HTTP+JSON API for integration and remote control
4. Scheduled restart: restart (warm-boot) the product at a preset schedule
5. Support SAP. Channel name and group name can be changed
Supported Clients & Software     VLC Media Player for Windows, Linux, or Mac
AVerMedia CMS & AVerReceiver
Adobe Media Server
Power     12V/1.5A: 18W Maximum
Operating Environment     Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C/32~122°F
Humidity: 0 - 80% RHNC
Storage Environment     Temperature: -30 ~ 65°C/-22 ~ 149°F
Humidity: 0 - 90% RHNC
Weight     380g / 0.84 lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H)     218 x 132 x 43 mm / 8.9”x 5.2” x 1.69”