multiplexing JXDH-7004U/S B(M)

All-In-One Headend Digital TV Platform


          JXDH-7004U/S B(M) is a RF Input All-In-One Headend Digital TV Platform which can receive multi modulation RF signal DVB-S/S2/C/T or TS stream in the format of ASI. Signal stream will be made in demodulating, multiplexing, scrambling and inserting local information.There are two output models: DVB or IPTV for your optional. IPTV output model realizes the way of IP output.DVB Model realizes 8 IP packages encrypted MPTS channels output. IPTV Model realizes 128 IP packages SPTS channels output.JXDH-7004U/S B(M) is a new gerneration digital tv headend core processing equipment from Chengdu Hongtushixun Digital Technology CO.,Ltd. Its signal input can be from all kinds of digital receiving equipment such as digital satellite, HFC network, IRD satellite receivr, encoder etc. This eqiupment receives,multiplexs,scramblings RF/ASI input signal and transfer it to receiving modulation equipment with IP input or IPTV Headend System or LAN.
       JXDH-7004U/S B(M) is a RF input Digital TV Platform, which is a new generation highly integration and high performance module with 8 RF input demodulation/multiplexing/scrambling/IP gateway. Each 8 RF input  demodulation / multiplexing / scrambling / IP gateway is designed by module, each demodulation/multiplexing/scrambling works independently. Module is integrated with 8 channel demodualtor, 8channels multiplexer,8channels standard scrambler and , gigabit IP gateway. Output of Each demodulation/multiplexing/scrambling module is IP TS stream signal via GE or SFP port. DVB and IPTV output model are for your optional for different network requests. Output is 8 scrambled MPTS , IP TS stream via GE or SFP port for DVB module. Output is 128 unscrambled SPTS IP TS stream for IPTV model. Max support 1 module for 1 U case. This equipment is high integration, high performance and low cost. It is very situable for building cable/ wireless digital tv broadcasting system or IPTV broadcasting system. This equipment can be used not only for central headend but also for sub headend. It is the first choice for building cable/wireless digital tv broadcasting system or IPTV
broadcasting sytem.


This product has the following characteristics:

    Support DVB-S/S2?DVB-C?DVB-T receive and demodulate.
    Support ASI signal input.
    Support RF input interface and ASI input interface combination at will in even number according  to requirments, at most 8 routes input.
    Can complete demodulating,multiplexing,scrambling of multi-routes fequency point/program stream,and output IP signal via giga GE port or SFP fiber interface.
    Support VOD application is optional.
    A single equipment can complete a full digital TV streams processing and IP output function in addition to coding, bitrate conversion and transcoding .
    Network parameters of data input, output can be configured flexibly, can automatically detect the input stream.