TESLA ALP 531-50/1

DVB-T2 UHF antenna

 CompanyTESLA Hloubetin JSC produce antenna systems for television and radio broadcasts, including complete range of services such as design, installation, start up, testing/commissioning and servicing. Based on desired frequency band, power, radiation patterns and the type of antenna polarization we design systems intended for installation on different types of masts and towers. For digital TV broadcast company Tesla Hloubetin do have recent types of antenna systems operating in the UHF band developed especially for standards DVB-T (2), DVB-H and VHF bands for DAB broadcast.

Technical Specification ALP 531-50/1

  • Frequency range         470 – 862 MHz
  • Input impedance         50 Ohm
  • Polarization             Horizontal
  • Gain                 ( 630 MHz ) 4.9 dBd
  • VSWR                 < 1.1 (into oper. channels)
  • Max. input power         0.8 kW
  • Input connector         7/16 DIN
  • Feeding                 3 dB coupler
  • Range of temperature     -40 / +50 °C
  • Weight                 25 kg
  • Materials             galvanized steel, copper
  • Supporting structure    Self-supporting laminated cylinder