PTZ camera PUSHD20S

Professional Full HD camera

The flexibility of PTZ cameras, which can often be  either  desktop  or  ceiling  mounted,  provide  a range of unique benefits in multiple applications.
Similarly,  in  a  video  conferencing  application, PTZ  cameras  produce exceptionally  high  quality images  with  the  ability  to  pan  and  zoom  from speaker to speaker or to provide detailed views of the objects under discussion. In house of worship applications, PTZ cameras can  provide  multiple  views  without  the  intrusion and  expense  of  a  camera  operator. They  are  also easy  to  control  without  disrupting the services.  In  distance  learning applications, PTZ cameras  allow  professors  to  reach  students  around the  globe  while  walking  from  the  lectern  to  the blackboard  and  interacting  with  students  within the classroom. In  industrial  applications,  PTZ  cameras  allow supervisors to monitor a factory floor of a manu facturing process, or zoom into a single process or  worker  for  safety  or  quality  control  purposes.  In remote justice applications, PTZ cameras can help reduce the municipality’s costs of prison transport for preliminary proceedings like arraignments. You  buy  a  camera  usually  for  one  reason a  quality  image. And  that  quality  is  derived  from  three components:  the  lens  that  zooms  and  focuses  on the image, the image sensor that captures the image, and the digital signal processor (DSP) that processes the data received from the sensor. The PUSHD20S line uses a range of high-quality, small form factor lenses that deliver up to 20x optical zoom in the SD line and a full 20x zoom in the latest HD cameras, along with varying levels of digital zoom. When  installing  an  camera  to  monitor operations  within  a  factory,  or  into  a  large  class room,  the  PUSHD20S with  its  a  20x  optical  zoom lens is ideal.

 Technical features

        Full HD 1080p 30fps
        Pan: ±180°; 0.45°
        Tilt: +90°/-25°; 0.25°
        Sensor: 1/2.8 low lux CMOS 4M pixel  ( SONY core chip)
        Resolution: full HD 1080p (1920x1080), HD 720p (1280x720), PAL (1024x576),           
        Lens zoom: 20X true optical zoom
         S/N ratio: >50dB
        Minimum illumination: 5 lx (50 IRE, F1.6, shutter 1/30)
        Backlight Compensation
        Flip, mirror
        Minimum working distance: 20 cm
        Include table/wall/ceiling mount

Compliance and tools

       VISCA via RS232
        HDMI 1.3
        DIP Switch

Power supply
        AC 100V ~ 240V
        Consumption: 12, 4A
        Physical characteristics: 0~40°C
        Operation humidity: 20%~80%
        Storage temperature: -20~60°C
        Storage humidity: 20%~80%
        Dimensions:  235х215х175 mm
        Camera weight: 3kg

Package contents
        Remote control
        Power supply
        Quick-start guide
        Tabletop/wall/ceiling mount
        RS232 adapte