Language Lab Systems - Labear UNC 2400

Wireless lingaphone system

 Modern wireless language labs of Labear UNC 2400 are easy to use and do not require special training or additional knowledge from teachers and students. South Korean company Yusung C & C Co Ltd in the production of lingaphone systems Labear UNC2400 uses digital transmission technology of sound. The result is a product with such advantages as portability and high quality of a sound. The hardware part does not require any installation so eliminates the cost associated with the installation. These qualities of the system are an essential advantage compared to outdated analog classes. The system of language training for the first time in the world uses a digital wireless technology. High quality product, operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency tuning step. It provides functions identical to wired systems including the training division of the class into groups and so on. Standard equipment is designed for Labear 6.12, 24 individual student kits. Labear has the ability to play audio files from SD Card built-in MP3 player into the console orfrom the external sources with quality of stereo sound.

System Functionality

  • Teachers receive more training facilities being able to move around the class during the lesson.
  • It is easy to navigate and control with the buttons on the teacher’s console with three-color indicated display.
  • Function to call a teacher by a student and start a dialog.
  • The teacher can listen to any student in the classroom by pressing the appropriate key on the remote control or turn on the scan function – to listen all students in order.
  • After playing an external source, the teacher can initiate a conversation with the selected student, or to get engaged in a dialogue between two students
  • Each student unit - a lingaphone has a volume control, battery indicator and button to call the teacher.
    Major modes
  • Lecture - reproduction of educational material from a source and / or a teacher’s voice for all student headsets. When working with two audio recordings, a teacher divides a class into groups by chose.
  •  Dialogue-mode is used for speaking practices.
    1. Conversation between two students with teacher’s control and with the participation of the class.
    2. Conversation between two students with teacher’s control andwithout the participation of the class.

    Technical specifications

Types of sets

  • Labear UNC2400 12 1 (the number of participants - 13 lingaphone)
  • Labear UNC2400 20+ 1 (the number of participants -  21 lingaphone)
  • Labear UNC2400 24+ 1 (the number of participants -  25 lingaphone)
  • Teacher’s remote control
  • Frequency range - 2.4 GHz
  • Modulation - GFSK
  • The transmit power - 10mW
  • Power supply - external adapter - DC 5V
  • Power consumption - 30 W
  • Dimensions - 48 x 28,5x 13,5 cm
  • Weight of the unit - 5.8 kg


  • Frequency range - 2.4 GHz
  • Modulation - GFSK
  • Power – Battery DC 3.7V
  • Energy consumption (Max) - 0.49 W
  • The size of the lingaphone - 59 x 89 x 25 (mm)
  • Weight - 82g.