Magic Box

Standalone multimedia kit
for schools and kindergartens

      The Magic Box is a modern multimedia tool, a unique assistant of a children educator. With an endless variety of games and tutorials applied especially for your schoolor kindergarten, you will bring an educational process to the new level.

      How do children use it? With magic box children prepare for primary school, by having a lot of fun! They take part in interesting developing games even when
they stand, crawl, or lie on the floor. They learn how to write, read without straining their eyes.

Colorful pages, puzzles and arithmetic are applicable even for the very little children.

The projection surface is soft, lightweight and durable. It was made taking into account the recommendations and requirements of leading European institutions.



Magic Box is a very friendly for its little user device, that does not require any additional installation.
It is enough only to connect the game set to the electrical outlet, turn it on and you can show children any images on a soft projection surface,
instead of projecting onto a screen or a classic blackboard.
As the experienced kindergarten educators say, a projection carried out onto the floor, e.g. the most natural for children's game environment, i
s the best way for learning and training new skills. 


  • System plug and pla
  • Interactive projector 3300 ANSI   
  • Resolution WXGA (1280x800)
  • Two interactive pens   
  • Special projection mat 200x125cm   
  • Multimedia PC   
  • Keyboard with touchpad   
  • Wi-Fi, DVD,   
  • Protective bag  
  • Colour options Accessories   
  • Video about MagicBox in action see here    
  • Producer: PROJEKTMEDIA   
  • Weight: 28 kg