Virtual Interactive Whiteboard Device U-Pointer

Economical solution

What is U-Pointer
2 U-Pointer  is an Interactive Whiteboard that adopts an image process technology. It captures U-Pointer 2 Pen’s movement on display and analyzes the movement.
With U-Pointer 2, any kinds of displays, Projector, PDP, LCD, rear projection display and etc.
becomes an interactive whiteboard with high quality and easiness.

U-Pointer can sense displayed image from the front or from the back. So PDP, LCD, Rear Projection TV, Projector can be an interactive whiteboard. Support free size up to 150 inches of display with accurate performance.

High resolution of the U-Pointer provides the capability of writing 20 font size letters on a display.
Fast response (60 frames sampling rate) gives you the same feeling as if you are writing on normal boards with a normal pen.

Any places such as on tables, ceilings, and inside rear projection displays, U-pointer can be mounted Easy & simple installation in mechanical point of view for its small size and various mounting method.

Max 10 users can write simultaneously and each user can control interactive whiteboard.

Auto calibration gives you more convenience and makes accuracy higher as calibration is done automatically.

With Finger Touch device and U-Pointer using Infrared and Image technologies, it supports finger touch covering max
100inch screen as a lowcost solution.