e-Podium KPC 390U Dual

Smart podium

What is e-Podium ?
. All in one, integrated solution
-Built in computer, Microphone, Speaker, Audio/video output and input channels.
. Writable screen that enables presenter to deliver a lecture or presentation while writing or drawing onto the screen
. The product can be configured according to the size of room, requirements of audio output power, and size of the screen.

Where is used

Colleges, Universities - e-Lecturing, Multimedia Presentation
Hospitals - Seminar, Conference, Medicaltraining
Seminar, Conference, Medicaltraining
Military - Conferencefor strategy and tactics
Government - Presentation or lecture
Enterprise - Presentation or lecture

e podium 2


Smart podium is intended for organization of the scholastic process in educational institutions, where is required qualitative technical decision with use the modern facilities computing and audio-visual technology. Smart podium has in its composition equipment and Touch screen LCD monitor.  The Lecturer not only can send the scene stored up beforehand presentations on projector, or плазменную panel, but also operative to control uncared-for exhibits, do the marks and record at touch to touch screen.

 Product (Function)
1.Sliding Upper Plate
-Protect the monitor
-Refined design
3. Gooseneck & Wireless Microphone
-Conduct a efficient classes freely, comfortably
4.Mouse hole
-Support a convenience
5. Keyboard Tray
-Support a efficient classes and comfortable education environment
6. Drawer
-Storage materials in the drawer
7. USB, Internet LAN, Power Switch for Laptop PC
-Support a convenience
8. Integrated Network Controller
-Secure for projector and internal equipment desk, step 2 alarm, SMS notification
-Control:2 Lightings, 1 Screens, 1 Projectors, 1Blinds, PC, 1 Lifts,
1 Alarm, 4 Power switches
-Can connect with several external devices
(Laptop, Document Camera, VTR, DVD, etc)

 If the recent controllers have had a simple remote control functionalities, our controller has the capability to manage, create real-time contents, and monitor theft of expensive equipments in the lecture room as well as manage projector’s maintenance.
KP-600U2 controller is a unique device that acts as a server managing up to 900 e-desks
Self-Diagnostic utility is also provided to allow a quick response to problems that may occur during installation and operation.

Consists of:

  • 19” Tablet Monitor –Moveable Type
  • KP-600U2 Controller
  •  With Control KeyPad
  •  Amplifier (120W)
  •  Gooseneck & Wireless microphone
  •  Speaker (60W 2ea)
  • Writing Software

Made in Korea