AverMedia (CV910) ExtremeCap

Autonomous device
for writing presentation

 The Device of the video seizure CV 910 is created for teacher and business trainer. It Is Used for video and audio record the events, corporative action in remote education for making video film your ready the Presentation. By means of device easy possible to realize record and add of the commentaries on multimedia material from PC. The Device realizes the seizure of the screen PC and the following writing the scene on hard disk or on SD card to memories. The Device seizes video with output D-Sub, or HDMI PC up to 1080p.

Quick to Set Up and Easy to Use
Record audio and video simultaneously with the ExtremeCap 910. Easy to set up. The ExtremeCap 910 functions without external microphone requirements.
Record without Increased CPU Workload
Muting Option Delivers Only Selected Audio
The ExtremeCap 910 mute function prevents the unnessary recording of background, reducing your post production time.
The ExtremeCap 910 operates independently without additional software requirements, reliable performance without increasing the CPU workload.
Effective Minimizing of Background Noise
Advanced noise cancellation technology diminishes unwanted noise, capturing a speaker’s voice in greater clarity.

Technical Specifications

• Interface: USB 2.0 (mini USB)
• Video Input & Output:
Digital: HDMI
Analog: D-Sub
• Audio Input & Output:
Digital: HDMI
Analog: 3.5mm Audio
• Resolution (max):
Input & Pass-thru: 1920x1080, 60fps
Record: 1920x1080, 30fps
• Microphone: Omnidirectional Microphone
• Chroma Subsampling:
Input & Pass-through: YUV: 4:4:4
Record: YUV: 4:2:0
• Audio Recording:
Input: HDMI: PCM Stereo, 3.5mm Audio: Stereo
Recording: AAC Stereo
• Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃
• Storage: SD card: SDHC Class 10 (FAT32)
• Recording Format: TS
• File Converter: AVerMedia TS-to-MP4 Utility
• Suggested Media Player: VLC Media Player
• Dimensions: 125.4 (d) x 34.6 (h) x 125 (w)
• Weight: 170 g