Converter video LKV389


 HDMI to SDI converter converts HDMI audio/video embedded signal to a broadcast quality SDI signal and analog audio. SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI are supported. It can be used to display and edit in SDI devices. LKV389 converts HDMI  to SDI by pass-through basedon LENKENG 10-year technical experience on conversion technology, making thepicture more vivid. LKV389 can automatically detect HDMI resolution. Plug and play, no drivers or software required, making you enjoy the convenience and the visual impact.


  • Dual SDI outputs
  • LKV389 integrates HDMI to SDI converter and SDI splitter into one set. Dual SDI outputs
  • Broadcast-quality HDMI to SDI converter
  • As an HDMI adaptor, weknow more about HDMI specifications. 
  • There’s EDID detected technology on the input, supports all specifications of HDMI1.3.
  • Theoutput can be up to 3G-SDI 1080P 50Hz/60Hz, Max bit rate: 2.97G/S.
  • All of these canmeet the professional requirement of the Radio/Television broadcast room andNon-line edit system.

Technical specification

  • Dimension    130*68*23 mm
  • Weight    0.175 Kg
  • Material    Aluminum + Crystal plate
  • Selling Points
  •  Pure hardware design, scaler, Intelligent Identification, Dural SDI outputs., broadcast-grade circuit design