HDMI Extender LKV373

Matrix Extender over IP with IR

If you need switching devices, converters, splitters, analog-to-digital converters, be kindly welcomed to our company.  Our suppliers are Taiwanese producers - LenKeng. The Converters, splitters, switches, Analogue-Digital converters. Our company put the maximum effort to supply the safest products, protected by the patents of the most important technologies in video processing.  Our specialists will help you to choose needed equipment, optimizing the supplement to your business plan. We realize the system integration of different equipment types and models, adjusting the supplement terms to the customer’s budget. Also we support you with warranty and non-warranty aftermarket services.

  • Description
    Lenkeng Model: LKV 373Matrix
    HDMI Extender switch / splitter, that has a matrix extender function through a Lan switch which supports IGMP
  • Features
    HDMI Extender up to 120m,with IR, with Matrix switch
    Delivers reliable HDMI transmission over single cat 5/6 cable
    Enables a matrix extender function through Lan switch which supports IGMP.
    Fully supports TCP/IP,
    Easy to build video network matrix with good stability.
    With built-in Anti inteference capability
    Widely used in projects and applications, including advertising, product launches, CCTV, etc.
  • Specifications
    Supports the following input resolutions:    480i / 480p@60Hz; 576i / 576p@50Hz; 720p / 1080i / 1080p 50Hz,60Hz
    Network cable requirements: UTP / STP cat5e / 6
    Network cable length between all connections:
    CAT5 ≤ 80m CAT5E ≤ 100m, CAT ≤ 120M.
    Lan switch: Supports network management functions and IGMP/IGMP snooping support at local area network bandwidth ≥ 100m
    IR remote control device: Supports 20 60KHZ carrier frequency IR signal power.
    Power Consumption: Send 3W - Receive: 3W.



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