Portable Sound Systems CH-07TK

Rechargeable Wireless Portable Sound System

 35 Watts UHF Wireless Portable Sound Systems W/ USB&SD Card MP3 Player Built-in Rechargeable Battery CH-07TK

This product is suitable for the voltage of various countries (AC90-264V). With elegant design, stable, waterproof, plastic steel fiber material, special circuit design,clear and bright sound and many special designs make it outstanding in amplifier products. Besides, with the intelligent charging system (Built in rechargeable lithium battery inside), it can be used for 2 to 8 hours with no external power for indoor or outdoor use (depending on the volume size). It is widely used in various places, such as the office, classroom, meeting room, the rites place in the church, the auditorium, the music hall, and daily party places. In the situation of emergency broadcasting, tour guide and election place, you can use several power amplifiers at the same time to get stronger power.
The product series are closely designed for consumers. The built-in 16 user selectable channels wireless microphone receiver module, which can avoid interfering with the other wireless products. The Unique USB interface can connect USB disk and play music, which can let you enjoy the fun of music anywhere and anytime!

Excellent portability with compact size & light weight,with record,A-B repeat,FM function.

1. Can be use for 2 to 8 hours, use lithium battery rechargeable
2. Electrical charger use (90 -264 volt AC)
3. Tone control, main volume control,MP3 control,microphone control,echoes control
4. 16 channel frequency UHF wireless microphone with volume control.
5. Using shattered proof synthetic material (under normal usage)
6. Weight max 2.4 kg
7. Included Metalic tripod adjustable height 100-150 cm
8. Included protector bag for outdoor used
9. Can play MP3 from USB flash disk in PA body.
10. LCD panel in body for MP3 information,etc
11. LCD panel in wireless mic for channel information ,etc
12. Included remote control for MP3 player.
13. Included wired headset mic.
14. Included AC cord.
15. Used 5.25 inch full range speaker
16. 35 Watt RMS speaker output
17. Clear sound quality

Frequency band    - UHF790-820MHz
Channel        - 16 user selectable channels/USB Device
Sensitivity     -12dBuV
Oscillation mode        - PLL Synthesized
Speaker        - 5 1/4” 4 ohm full range speaker
Deviation Range        - UHF±40KHz
Audio Inputs        -  MP3/USB/3.5ØLine in jack
Power Output    - 35W/4 ohm Load
frequency response    - 60Hz-15KHz±3dB
T.H.D.    - < 0.1%
S/N Ratio    - > 90dB
Digital-Echo    - Digital-echo
Charging time    - Approx. 4.5 hours
Operating time    - above 2~8 hours
Dimension (mm)    - 290*160*210 (L*W*H)
Weight (N.W.)    - 2.45 KG (with battery installed)
Power supply    - Built in 14.4V/2.6 Ah rechargeable lithium battery x1; 19V / 2.63A (DC) / 90-264V (AC) switching power supply
Special design    - LCD display, Remote control for MP3 player
Audiences    - 120 people
Accessories    - Shoulder strap, standard tripod, waterproof bag, remote control
Remote control    - Select modes, jazz classical music, rock and others, adjusting the volume of the MP3 sound
Special Features    - Main volume control, microphone control, echoes control, tone control and MP3 control.

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