Now you can enjoy learning with English TV channel in Kazakhstan!

English Club TV started broadcasting in January 2013 and now has more than 15 million TV viewers in Europe, Asia and Africa. English Club TV is an enthralling channel for those who want to learn English.

In the end of September of a current year “Diapazon XXI century” company won the right to distribute English Club TV HD within the territory of Kazakhstan.
You can watch this channel with special TV consoles or tablets switched to the broadband internet channel. Apart from the live broadcasting, you can available different mobile applications – tests and trainings for practical exercises that you can download from iTunes and Google play i-markets. Doesn’t matter, are you giving live lessons or teach online, this channel will be for both purposes an indispensable tool.

englich dia

1800 movies of educational programs;
500 grammar and lexis tests;
500 educational articles in 5 languages;
More than 100 trainings for the base skills;
Children-friendly interface;
And more than 200 hours of own content annually.

“Diapazon XXI century” company has the right to distribute English Club TV broadcasting in the territory of Kazakhstan.


The Programmer to companies is designed special software by means of which media player DUNE-HD  users have  access to Content  from social network on study and languages of professional teachers. The grammatics, secrets and advices on study of the language, pronunciation and a great deal another.