Report about the 4th exhibition “Actual technologies of 2015”

May 14-15 in Almaty took place the 4th exhibition “Actual technologies of 2015”. Within the exhibition more than 50 companies, occupied in TV and radio production, presented its products.

975x300 ATTV 2015 banner

The congress united not only technology producers, equipment and software suppliers but also gathered the whole sector of content production and forming and distribution of broadcasting sphere. Participants of congress’s business day had a discussion of technological aspects of the transition for broadcasting digital standards.


“Diapazon XXI century” company presented new capture cards, video coders for microwave signals from the Taiwan producer – AverMedia company. Also company presented IPTV and ОТТ consoles DUNE HD, solutions for internet TV in hotels and villages and shared experience of the implementation of digital radio broadcasting in the Chechen Republic – radiostation “Grosniy 30th”. Using the single 50 kWT transmitter produced by Tesla, functioning in medium-wave range in DRM format (Digital Radio Mondiale), let realize the high quality broadcasting of radio programs of the state channel “Vainakh”.

tesla DRM 1

Implementation of the new technology let cover almost all Dagestan territory and the part of nearby Republics of Stavropol, Astrakhan, Rostov, Volgograd regions, Southern Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and rather Austria! To transmit DRM-signal you can use the existing transmitters and receive the signal in the radius of 15 000 km.

tesla DRM 2

According to the opinion of digital broadcasting developers, this is especially crucial for Russia and Kazakhstan due to the huge territory and low population density. In small cities and villages, where live more than a half of a country population, commercial broadcasting often turns non profitable. That’s why for the forgotten ranges lower than 30 MHz new opportunities are available.

Managing commercial director of JSC “Kazteleradio” Evgeniy Galkin shared his thoughts about the results of digital broadcasting implementation in Kazakhstan. According to the data of JSC “Kazteleradio”, the number of National digital television subscribers in the current year exceeded 1 000 000 families, that undoubtedly proves the demand of “Kazakhteleradio” services with «OTAU TV» brand (satellite, digital broadcasting) and «Galam tv» brand (internet broadcasting). Started in 2012 first phase of the digital broadcasting provided citizens of Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Zhezkazgan, Zhanaozen with the modern TV with population coverage of 23%. In 2013 digital TV broadcasting in all regional centers and completely in Mangistau region with population coverage of 51% was launched. 2014 was significant due to the launch of digital TV in the Southern-Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions with the population coverage of 72%. In the 3rd quarter of 2015 it is planned to switch off the analog broadcasting in Mangistau and other regions.


Pavel Petrulvich, the Head of the Telecommunications of the Ministry of Communications and Information of Belorussia Republic shared experience of the transmission to the “digit”. According to him, families in Belorussia prefer more often IP TV to a classic cabled TV. By the beginning of 2015 cable TV customers were 1,8 mln families, IP TV was watched by 1,1 mln families. In the next two years, these indicators will exchange their places, believes the expert. The distribution of internet did not prevent a transmission to the digital TV: the country is completely covered by transmitters. And since 15 of May 2015 Belorussia moves to a full digital broadcasting.