LTD “Diapazon XXI centrury” was founded in 2004 on the base of representative office of the italian company “Elettronika Srl” and “Diapazon” company. Since its foundation our company has been supplying transmitting equipment for TV and radio broadcasting companies within Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Nowadays more than 300 transmitters are functioning on the largest broadcasting stations of JSC “Kazteleradio” as well as many equipment is exploited by the following customers: “Europa + Kazakhstan”, “Russian radio - Asia”, “Radio NS”, “Autoradio”. TV channels: “Southern capital”, “31 channel”, “Rika TV”, “Sayram akshamy”. And also: “Radio rifma”, “Radio Terra”, “Radio Seta”, “Bayuakov TVC-6”, “Southern Kazakhstan TRC”, “Auto radio”; NBT – in Kyrgyzstan and “Asia plus” – in Tajikistan. Company specialists made step-by-step refitting of radio and TV studio complexes of TRC “Kazakhstan”. During the project implementation also broadcasting and assembling TV laboratories were refitted.
  We supplied new technologies for out-of-studio filming using the equipment in portable cases.
Helped to launch the first digital broadcasting net of DVB-T standard in Temirtau and Karaganda. The project provided each televiewer with more than 40 TV programs of digital quality without a cable wiring.
R radio black
VCS black

But the real technological breakthrough has been an implementation of digital methods of audio and video signals processing and transmission. Apart from the traditional broadcasting we created an opportunity to make services using the digital channels of the global net (internet). With our help you can use IPTV/OTT services and implement the systems of audio and video conference connection and necessary software on your enterprise or studying establishment.  Complex approach in the way to satisfy our customers, collaboration with foreign partners and an essential experience accumulated during the reasonable amount of time, let us realize the system integration and supplement of any professional TV or sound equipment. We also provide the effective methods and equipment for remote studying and interactive presentations. Our company is a partner of “AverMedia” brand, specialized in a production of presentational multimedia equipment, like: TV-tuners, surveillance systems, IP cameras, digital converters and capture cards. AverMedia devices are needed for video and photo digitalizing before editing, streaming or videos making.  
   Capture cards are required for creators of video reviewing, publicists and teachers. Every user can easily record and comment his actions going on PC, smart phone and tablet displays.  The particular attention is paying to the technologies of language learning. Our partner – the southern-korean company YUSUNG C&C produces wireless lingaphone laboratories. Lingaphones are used for the effective teaching in groups from 6 students. The Labear system makes students to form a good phonetics skill and a right pronunciation due to the high quality of voice transmission.

   If you need switching devices, converters, splitters, analog-to-digital converters, be kindly welcomed to our company.  Our suppliers are Taiwanese producers - LenKeng и DuneHD. Our company put the maximum effort to supply the safest products, protected by the patents of the most important technologies in video processing.  Our specialists will help you to choose needed equipment, optimizing the supplement to your business plan. We realize the system integration of different equipment types and models, adjusting the supplement terms to the customer’s budget. Also we support you with warranty and non-warranty aftermarket services. iternet black
mediaplyer black2   In our head office you can use the services of our studio equipped with the “latest technology” digital cameras of high resolution which enable to record a presentation with “live” explanation. To record your event out of studio (if an event takes place in a city square or a stadium for example), we can provide you with “live” broadcasting for thousands of users in social network.
    For the customers who prefer a comfortable watching, we offer compact media players. Media players are the internet consoles presented by the brand - DUNE-HD. Media players are the best solution for TV watching fans, provided by a huge range of multimedia services.